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The Young Scientists' Meeting Corner at the EGU 2015 General Assembly will become the Early Career Scientists' Meeting Corner in 2016. (Credit: EGU/Stephanie McClellan)

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Young Scientists renamed Early Career Scientists

6 July 2015

Following feedback from the 2014 young scientists survey, supported by the findings of the Young Scientist Forum at the EGU General Assembly 2014, the EGU Council has decided to replace the term Young Scientist (YS) by Early Career Scientist (ECS). For the time being, the definition used by the EGU to refer to early career researchers will remain the same.

In most of the EGU website, as well as in other communication products, the name Young Scientist will be replaced by Early Career Scientist. In addition, at the General Assembly, the young scientist events and activities, such as the Young Scientist Lounge, will be renamed to reflect the new term. The same is true for the Young Scientist Travel Award, which will be renamed to Early Career Scientist Travel Award. Division and Union-wide young scientist representatives will also see their titles changed.

An exception are other EGU awards and their associated medal lectures at next year’s Assembly: the Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Young Scientists and the Division Outstanding Young Scientists Award will retain their current titles. This is because nominations for the 2016 awards and medals, which ended in mid June this year, relied on the use of the term young scientist to refer to these awards. The Outstanding Student Poster Award, which is aimed at master and PhD students regardless of age, will retain its name.


Laura Roberts
EGU Communications Officer (early career scientists’ contact person at the EGU Office)
Munich, Germany
Phone +49-89-2180-6717

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