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2 October 2017

As part of its science-for-policy programme, the EGU has established a database to identify expertise within the Union that can be used in policy-related events of geoscientific relevance and in calls for expert advice. EGU’s Database of Expertise also allows its members to be updated with the current opportunities to share their scientific knowledge in the policy arena.

The EGU’s Database of Expertise has recently been updated with the aim of increasing the database’s effectiveness and EGU member engagement. The details of those members already on the database will be transferred to the new system.

You can become a member of the Database of Expertise by logging onto the EGU member area and updating your EGU profile. By registering for this database, you will not only receive updates about science for policy opportunities but may also be emailed from time to time with requests to respond to specific policy events and requests.

If you are new to science for policy and want to learn more about the process then visit the EGU policy basics webpages. For further information on research areas of policy relevance please check out the EGU policy-related science webpages. Additionally, the EGU is compiling a list of policy-relevant papers published in the EGU journals. If you have recently had a paper of policy relevance published in an EGU journal then please contact the EGU Science Policy Officer (details below).