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EGU members: be the first to try out the new EGU website

15 November 2017

The online home of the European Geosciences Union,, will soon have a new and improved look. To be the first to see and test it, log in to your EGU member account and use the toggle button at the top of the page to try the beta version of the new website.

We have redesigned the website to give the page a more modern, image-based layout and have implemented a fully responsive page design. This means the new website adapts to the visitor’s screen size and looks good on any device (smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops).

We want to give EGU members the opportunity to be the first ones to try out the new website, before we make a full launch over the next few weeks. To see the beta version of the page and test it on various devices, make sure you are logged in to your member account; then, click on the toggle button that appears on the page header to see the new home. As this is a beta version of the new website, please note that some pages might not be updated nor fully functional yet.

Despite extensive testing, as with any newly launched website, the new page is bound to have some bugs and glitches. If you find any problems, please report them to the EGU Webmaster and System Administrator Robert Barsch at


Bárbara Ferreira
EGU Media and Communications Manager
Munich, Germany

Robert Barsch
EGU Webmaster and System Administrator
Munich, Germany

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