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Flags outside the ACV during the EGU General Assembly (Credit: Kai Boggild/EGU)

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EGU Outreach Committee seeking new chair

23 February 2018

The Outreach Committee, which coordinates the outreach activities of the EGU, is looking for a new committee chair.

The Outreach Committee promotes the geosciences and EGU activities among scientists, the non-scientific public, policymakers and other interested individuals and organisations. The committee focuses on public engagement activities, communication with scientists, the public at large, as well as with the media. It also aims to build links with European decision makers, making them more aware of what EGU has to offer. The committee also tries to facilitate interactions and transfer of information within the geoscience community by means other than scientific meetings and publications, such as newsletters, websites, data portals, bulletins, blogs, and social media. Another activity is to identify and highlight societal challenges that can be addressed by the scientific work of the EGU membership and to harness the expertise of the EGU membership to address societal needs.

The chair directs and guides the committee by:

  • helping to define the aims and goals of the EGU Outreach Committee, in line with those established by the Union’s by-laws and Outreach best practices
  • providing support and supervision to the members of the Committee
  • organising and chairing meetings of the Outreach Committee (including the Outreach retreat and meeting(s) at the General Assembly), and reporting on outreach activities to the EGU Council
  • establishing contacts with organisations and individuals potentially interested and able to contribute to EGU outreach activities

Successful candidates for the chair of the committee will preferably have:

  • wide geoscientific interests, linked to the activities of the Union (as exemplified by its different divisions)
  • broad experience of outreach and policy (especially at the EU level)
  • experience of working in committees
  • international networking experience.

Candidates should send a one-page motivation letter to the Chair of the outreach Committee, Nicholas Arndt ( and to the EGU Executive Secretary, Philippe Courtial ( by 11 March.

For further information about the positions, which are voluntary, please contact Nicholas Arndt (

The EGU Outreach Committee is also looking for new committee members. You can find more information about it here.