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Nominate candidates for EGU awards and medals by 15 June

8 March 2018

Every year, the EGU honours individuals for their important contributions to the Earth, planetary and space sciences through its awards and medals programme. EGU members are kindly asked to submit their nominations for all EGU 2019 medals and awards by 15 June 2018.

Detailed information on the selection process and how to propose a candidate is available on the Awards & Medals section of the EGU website. Nominations for all the medals and awards must be submitted via an online nomination form by 15 June. Before submitting a nomination, please carefully check if the nomination and supporting documents satisfy the EGU requirements.

To increase diversity in the group of EGU awardees and medallists, we encourage the EGU membership to consider gender, geographical and cultural balance when nominating outstanding Earth, planetary and space scientists at various career stages.

The list of awards and medals bestowed by the Union and its divisions, as well as the previous awardees, is available on the EGU website. The list includes Union Medals for established scientists, Division Medals for active scientists, as well as division and Union-wide awards for early career scientists.

The 2019 awards and medals, to be announced in October 2018, will be presented to their recipients the following year, at the EGU General Assembly 2019 (7–12 April) in Vienna. The winners of the 2018 awards and medals will be celebrated during this year’s General Assembly, at the EGU Award Ceremony taking place on Wednesday, 11 April, 17:30–20:00.


Özgür Karatekin
Chair of the EGU Awards Committee

Bárbara Ferreira
EGU Media and Communications Manager
Munich, Germany


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