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2012 Awards and Medals Ceremony (Credit: Sue Voice)

EGU news EGU announces 2013 Awards and Medals

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EGU announces 2013 Awards and Medals

22 October 2012

The EGU has named the 41 recipients of next year’s Union Medals and Awards, Division Medals, and Division Outstanding Young Scientist Awards. These individuals, honoured for their important contributions to the Earth, planetary, and space sciences, will receive their prizes at the 2013 EGU General Assembly taking place in Vienna on 7-12 April.

The following individuals will receive 2013 Union Medals and Awards:

Edouard Bard Alfred Wegener Medal
Sierd Cloetingh Arthur Holmes Medal
Roger-Maurice Bonnet Jean Dominique Cassini Medal
Hang Su, Xavier Fettweis, Simon M. Mudd, and Alexis P. Rouillard Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Young Scientists
Teodoro Miano Union Service Award

The following individuals will receive 2013 Division Medals:

Michael Gurnis Augustus Love Medal
Jeroen Tromp Beno Gutenberg Medal
Harry Bryden Fridtjof Nansen Medal
Göran Marklund Hannes Alfvén Medal
Miryam Bar-Matthews Hans Oeschger Medal
Georgia Destouni Henry Darcy Medal
Alessandro Annoni Ian McHarg Medal
Helmut Weissert Jean Baptiste Lamarck Medal
Michael Roderick John Dalton Medal
Nikolai Tsyganenko Julius Bartels Medal
Jürgen Kurths Lewis Fry Richardson Medal
Florent Dominé Louis Agassiz Medal
Mark Zoback Louis Néel Medal
Didier Paillard Milutin Milankovic Medal
Dominique Jault Petrus Peregrinus Medal
William Shotyk Philippe Duchaufour Medal
Justin Sheffield Plinius Medal
James Kirchner Ralph Alger Bagnold Medal
Catherine McCammon Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal
Tilman Spohn Runcorn-Florensky Medal
Emile Okal Sergey Soloviev Medal
Leigh Royden Stephan Mueller Medal
Zuheir Altamimi Vening Meinesz Medal
John Burrows Vilhelm Bjerknes Medal
Albertus J. Dolman Vernadsky Medal

The following individuals will receive 2013 Division Outstanding Young Scientist Awards:

Nicolas Brantut Earth Magnetism & Rock Physics (EMRP)
Juan Carlos Afonso Geodynamics (GD)
Gabriele Villarini Hydrological Sciences (HS)
Yongxiang Huang Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences (NP)
Roham Bakhtyar Ocean Sciences (OS)
Yong Wei Planetary and Solar System Sciences (PS)
Raúl Zornoza Belmonte Soil System Sciences (SSS)
Steven A. F. Smith Tectonics and Structural Geology (TS)

For more information on EGU’s honours, please check the Awards & Medals page on this website.