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Introducing Geoscience Days, a new EGU series of national public engagement events

6 May 2019

The EGU Geoscience Days are events organised around Europe that aim to raise awareness of the Earth, planetary and space sciences to students, researchers, the wider public and national policymakers. The first event will take place at the Romanian Academy in Bucharest, Romania, on 31 May 2019.

The first EGU Geoscience Day will feature lectures by a number of Romanian researchers, aimed mostly at University students, but also at teachers and researchers. It will also include an event aimed at the wider public: a Geosciences Café at the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy. The full programme is available for download, in both English and Romanian, below. The event accommodates 150 participants and attendance is free of charge. People interested in attending should contact organisers Mioara Mandea or Tavi Badescu.

EGU Geoscience Days are organised by members of the EGU Outreach Committee, together with local representatives in the host countries. They feature prominent geoscientists and are delivered in the local language of the country and/or in English. The first EGU Geoscience Day will be in Romanian but the presentations will include slides in English.

For more information about EGU Geoscience Days, please contact the Mioara Mandea, EGU Outreach Committee Chair at


Mioara Mandea
EGU Outreach Committee Chair

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