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Six new blogs join the EGU Blog Network

8 August 2013

Since it started, the EGU Blog Network has had great coverage of geochemistry, palaeontology and geoscience in development, but what about the other fields in the geosciences? Over the past couple of months we’ve been seeking out some fantastic Earth science bloggers who are keen to share their knowledge, experiences and the latest research in their fields with you.

The new geoscience blogs cover mineralogy, climate change and volcanology as well as the atmospheric, Quaternary and soil sciences. Like other blogs on the network, their aim is to put complex scientific research into context and share recent findings beyond the usual suspects, opening science up to a much wider audience.

So, without further ado, welcome to:

Four Degrees – a climate blog by Flo Bullough and Marion Ferrat
Flo and Marion will discuss issues in environmental geoscience from the scientific literature, political chamber and the media, putting research into a policy framework and taking a look at current problems from an inter-disciplinary perspective.

Geology Jenga – a Quaternary science blog by Laura Roberts and Daniel Schillereff
Focussing on science from the Quaternary period Laura and Daniel will share snippets from their own research disciplines to provide a more holistic understanding of landscape evolution.

Polluting the Internet – an atmospheric science blog by Will Morgan
Will is polluting the internet with excellent science, and will explore all aspects of air pollution and atmospheric science, focussing on what the impact of aerosols, both natural and man-made, is on atmospheric processes.

An Atom’s-Eye View of the Planet – a mineralogy blog by Simon Redfern
Simon, an esteemed professor and science communicator, explores how the solid Earth responds to changing temperature, pressure and chemistry. Wondering what minerals are up to? He will explain mineral processes from the biosphere to the deepest inner core.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place – a volcanology blog by Elspeth Robertson and Charly Stamper
Look out for some explosive action on this one as volcanologists Charly and Elspeth bring you the latest in volcanological research and share their experiences during their first footholds in academia.

G-Soil – a soil science blog coordinated by Antonio Jordan and the G-Soil team
The EGU’s own Soil System Sciences Division have put together a great blog that brings soil science into the public eye, detailing the latest research in the field and highlighting the importance of soils to both people and the environment.

We hope you look forward to reading them – we certainly do!


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