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EGU Education Committee seeks two ECS representatives

8 October 2020

The EGU Committee on Education, which coordinates the EGU activities related to secondary (high school) and tertiary (post-secondary) education, is seeking two new committee members to represent the Early Career Scientist (ECS) community.

One of the committee’s main activities is the organisation of GIFT (Geosciences Information for Teachers) workshops, held annually during the EGU General Assembly. These established and successful workshops aim to spread first-hand scientific information to science teachers at primary (elementary) and secondary (high school) levels. In addition to the GIFT workshops, the EGU organises additional education workshops, usually in connection with international scientific conferences or in collaboration with other organisations.

The committee also appoints, trains, and maintains a network of Field Officers in European countries and beyond. The Field Officers train school teachers in the teaching of the geoscience elements of the curriculum in their own countries through hands-on workshops. Last year’s pilot was very successful.

EGU’s Education Committee recently began offering a programme to support geoscience lecturers in Higher Education through teaching awards and teaching workshops. The committee is also planning to develop a comprehensive and accessible database of materials to support university teachers.

The Committee on Education is looking for two new members with an interest in education to provide an Early Career Scientist (ECS) perspective to the committee.

Successful candidates will preferably have:

  • High interest in Earth science secondary and/or tertiary (post-secondary) education
  • Interest in developing innovative geoscience education strategies
  • Networking experience in geosciences

Candidates should send a one-page motivation letter explaining how the applicant could contribute to EGU’s educational activities to both the Chair of the Committee on Education, Chris King (education@egu.eu) and the EGU Executive Secretary, Philippe Courtial (executive-secretary@egu.eu) by Monday 2 November.

For further information about the positions, which are voluntary, please contact Chris King (education@egu.eu).