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EGU news How geoscience can support the European Green Deal

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How geoscience can support the European Green Deal

30 September 2020

During the joint EGU-European Parliament Intergroup virtual event, Integrating science into the EU Green Deal, held on September 30, the EGU launched How geoscience can support the European Green Deal, the informative document for policymakers and Earth, planetary, and space scientists.

This document focuses on two of the Green Deal’s main policy areas: biodiversity and pollution. It highlights key aspects that the geoscience community, through its research and expertise, can support within these policy areas and provides examples of recent scientific breakthroughs that may assist in meeting the Green Deal’s ambitious targets. The document also emphasises the EGU’s support for the European Green Deal’s goals of climate neutrality, preserving and protecting biodiversity, and achieving zero pollution.

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