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The European Parliament in Brussels (Credit: European Union 2020 – Source: EP, CC-BY-4.0 via Flickr)

EGU news The 2020/21 EGU science-policy pairing scheme is currently underway!

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The 2020/21 EGU science-policy pairing scheme is currently underway!

4 February 2021

The EGU’s 2020/21 Science-Policy Pairing Scheme is currently underway with the selected scientist, Renée Bichler, and Member of the European Parliament Maria Spyraki. Due to the current COVID restrictions, the 2020/21 pairing scheme is being hosted virtually. This format has allowed Bichler to join a number of the European Parliamentary Committee meetings, Plenary Sessions, and other online events. Bichler has also had the opportunity to learn more about the policymaking processes and specific policy areas related to her research through an introduction to recent policy documents that Spyraki’s team assisted with developing.

Bichler, who is currently undertaking a PhD on air-pollution monitoring at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) as well as working as a research assistant in atmospheric remote sensing at the University of Augsburg, says, “Maria Spyraki’s team is very kind, and they try to make the science-policy pairing scheme as interesting as possible for me”. Bichler reports that many of the activities are related to her research and that MEP Spyraki’s team is encouraging her “to ask questions and get involved in their work”.

Bichler will continue to assist Spyraki and her team on a part-time basis in the coming weeks. Although in previous years the EGU’s science-policy pairing scheme has been limited to one week when it takes place in person, the virtual nature of this year’s experience means that the pairing, its related activities, and its duration are more flexible. Bichler has already reflected that the EGU’s science-policy pairing scheme is “a good learning experience” and will provide a more extensive report on the scheme once it has finished in EGU’s GeoPolicy blog.

The EGU’s 2021/22 pairing scheme will open for applications in May/June 2021. If you would like more information about this initiative, please contact the EGU Policy Officer Chloe Hill via


Chloe Hill
EGU Policy Officer


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