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A golden nugget (Credit: Csaba Nagy via Pixabay)

EGU news Strike it rich with your vPICO (and other) vEGU21 presentations!

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Strike it rich with your vPICO (and other) vEGU21 presentations!

14 April 2021

After thinking long and hard about your project, you’re finally ready to present your latest ideas to other scientists at the EGU General Assembly! Unlike most in-person geoscience conferences, where you’re limited to a poster or a talk, vEGU21 offers many ways to share your science. The options combine the flexibility and in-depth interactions of virtual conferences with the spontaneity and connection of in-person meetings.

Live vPICO presentation: your golden nugget
Since the mining days of old, when a ‘golden nugget’ referred to a chunk of pure placer gold, the term has evolved to mean a key takeaway message. Your 2-minute live presentation is your opportunity to highlight the key takeaway of your research, as a prelude to the in-depth conversations that will follow. Each live presentation is based on a single slide that you must upload at least 24 hours before the start of your session.

Strike it rich with your vPICO (and other) vEGU21 presentations!

Live vPICO text chats: rich discussions
Following each session’s introductory round of live 2-minute talks, each vPICO presentation will be assigned its own live text chat for in-depth discussions with other participants. At the same time, a central video chat will remain open for further group discussion. The variety of formats lets you choose how you’d like to interact with your colleagues.

Dig deeper with display materials
The authors of each abstract also have the option of uploading display materials – a map, graphs, slides, or any other materials to help you share your research. For maximum benefit, please upload these as early as possible and opt in to allow commenting, which will continue through the end of May.

Pre-recorded talk: the mother lode
Go for the gold by also uploading a pre-recorded talk (up to 200 MB), which will only be visible to conference participants, or providing a link to a video you’ve already submitted to a portal such as YouTube.


Peter van der Beek
EGU Programme Committee Chair

Terri Cook
EGU Head of Media, Communications, and Outreach


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