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EGU news Mixed-media artist and digital artist-science communicator chosen as artists in residence at the EGU22 General Assembly

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Mixed-media artist and digital artist-science communicator chosen as artists in residence at the EGU22 General Assembly

17 March 2022

Jakub Stepanovic, a mixed-media artist and photojournalist from the Czech Republic, and Kelly Stanford, a digital artist and science communicator (returning in 2022) have been selected for a residency at the next EGU General Assembly. The Artist in Residence programme offers scientist-artists an opportunity to engage with scientific research in a dynamic setting and be inspired by the many new discoveries being presented at the conference, which will take place in Vienna, Austria from 23–27 May 2022.

Jakub Stepanovic (@jakubstepanovic) is an interdisciplinary mixed-media artist, sculptor and communicator, with a background in photojournalism who creates images and installations focused on the ideas of maps, navigation and exploration. At the General Assembly he will work with various data and images to create two-dimensional artwork examining how researchers approach maps and landscapes, and how they link to memories and emotions. “I am looking forward to the EGU22 residence because it revolves around researching the environment around us and data representation – something that inspires both my journalistic and artistic work.” he says, “I often deal with concepts of mapping and navigating, and the creativity of capturing and visualizing information fascinates me. I am thrilled to learn more about the earth and beyond and discuss the methodologies of making the knowledge accessible. At the same time, I hope to share a playful and fluid take of the data through my practice.”

Kelly Stanford (@TheLabArtist) is a Manchester, UK-based science communicator and Physical Geography PhD candidate from the University of Hull’s Energy and Environment Institute who uses the visual arts and other exciting interdisciplinary methods to help scientists worldwide communicate their work to the wider public. Following her successful tenure as an Artist (not) in Residence in 2021, Stanford will be returning to continue her series of “Sci-portraits” (portraits that fuse the scientists with their research) of geoscientists participating in the meeting. “I am glad to be returning for the artist residency because I’m passionate about showing the more human side to research, and I’m hoping this collaboration will continue to help scientists think about how they can incorporate interdisciplinarity into their work,” Stanford says.

Unfortunately our previous Artist-In-Residence, Elena Popova, will no longer be able to join us in 2022.

EGU General Assembly participants will be able to see images of the artwork produced by artists via social media (using the hashtag #EGUart), on the EGU GeoLog blog and live at the conference centre. Find out more about the last few years’ Artists in and (not) in Residence by visiting our Youtube playlist and EGU’s GeoLog blogs.


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EGU Programme Committee Chair

Hazel Gibson
Head of Communications
European Geosciences Union
Munich, Germany
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