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EGU news EGU statement on the invasion of Ukraine

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EGU statement on the invasion of Ukraine

2 March 2022

The recent invasion of Ukraine is of grave concern to the European Geosciences Union. The impact of this action on the people of Ukraine, as well as their families, friends and colleagues around the world, is immeasurable, and the ensuing human tragedy has shocked the whole world.

As an organisation formed by and for scientists, EGU helps to foster an inclusive research environment where all members of the Earth, space and planetary science community have equal opportunities. Science is a collaborative global enterprise that depends upon the open sharing of information, data and research across international boundaries. It is therefore our great hope that there will be a peaceful resolution to this ongoing conflict and that co-operation and negotiation, rather than aggression, will prevail.

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Hazel Gibson
Head of Communications
EGU Office
Munich, Germany

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