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EGU summer school 2015 (Credit: Organisers of the 1st EGU Summer School on Structural Analysis of Crystalline Rocks)

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Apply for EGU funding for training schools and conference series’

11 July 2022

After a short hiatus during the pandemic, EGU is once again inviting proposals for funding to run a conference in one of our three Conference Series’ or a training school in a topic of your choice connected to the Earth, planetary and space sciences. We are delighted to once again invite our members to submit a proposal for funding, by 15 September 2022.

Over the last few years EGU has been pleased to support a diverse range of training schools, which offer Early Career Scientists specialist training opportunities that they normally don’t have access to at their home institutions, and conferences, which encourage sustained dialogue within specialist research communities. Funding for both of these initiatives does not typically exceed €5000 (with the exception of some specialist costs allocated for the Conference Series’). For more information follow the appropriate link, available below.

The available conferences that are currently open to submit a proposal to are:

  • Angioletta Coradini Conferences which aim to promote novel and innovative research related to all aspects of space research, in particular chemical and physical processes and their interactions with the Sun, other host stars, the heliosphere and astrospheres with the planetary magnetospheres, atmospheres and climate.
  • Mary Anning Conferences which aim to promote novel and innovative research related to biogeochemical cycles in the Earth system. The conferences intend to bring together experienced and early career scientists for an interdisciplinary discussion on all aspects of chemical, physical, and biological processes and their interactions in the atmosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere.
  • Alexander von Humboldt Conferences, a series of meetings held outside of Europe, in particular in South America, Africa or Asia, on selected topics of geosciences with a socio-economic impact for regions on these continents, jointly organised with the scientists and their institutes and the institutions of these regions.

To apply, please check the conference series benefits and requirements page before submitting your proposal.

To apply for funding for a training school scheduled for 2023, check the requesting support page before submitting your proposal.

The deadline for all applications is 15 September 2022, for more information and support, please contact Claudio Rosenberg, Chair of the Topical Events Committee:

More information

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