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EGU news EGU’s Policy Pairing scheme – spend a week in Brussels with a Member of the European Parliament!

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EGU’s Policy Pairing scheme – spend a week in Brussels with a Member of the European Parliament!

25 July 2022

To help promote a culture of evidence-informed policymaking and encourage stronger science-policy partnerships, the European Geosciences Union (EGU) will once again sponsor a scientist to work alongside a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for one week in November 2022. The pairing scheme will enable the selected EGU member to experience the daily work of an MEP, learn more about the role of science in policymaking, and potentially provide expertise on a science-policy issue.

We are pleased to announce that this year’s pairing will be with Norbert Lins, an MEP representing Germany and the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats). He is Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development and the Co-Chair of the Biodiversity Working Group of the European Parliament Intergroup on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development. He is also a substitute member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health, and Food Safety. His current areas of work focus on land use, forestry, agriculture and food security, climate change, carbon storage, and biodiversity. We therefore strongly encourage scientists working in these or related topics to apply.

Examples of activities that the scientist selected for the scheme might be involved with include:

  • Receiving an introduction to the work of the European Parliament from the MEP or their assistants;
  • Sharing your research and expertise where relevant;
  • Joining the MEP or their assistants in various meetings or events that involve European Parliament staff (depending on scheduling and meeting sensitivity).

The pairing scheme will likely take place in November 2022 and this opportunity is open to all EGU members who are EU citizens living in or outside of Europe, as well as members who are EU residents at the time of application and the pairing scheme period itself. As a part of the pairing scheme, EGU will cover the scientist’s travel and accommodation expenses (within a specific budget – please enquire for more details). To apply, please fill in our application form, attaching a CV (max 1-page) and a cover letter outlining your motivation for participating in the pairing scheme, by midnight CEST 12 September 2022.

For more information about the pairing scheme, please email EGU’s Policy Manager Chloe Hill at


Chloe Hill
EGU Policy Manager
Munich, Germany


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