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EGU news EGU seeks proposals for the development of science mentoring workshops!

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EGU seeks proposals for the development of science mentoring workshops!

11 January 2023

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) is the leading organisation for Earth, planetary, and space science research in Europe. With our partner societies worldwide, we foster fundamental geoscience research, alongside applied research that addresses key societal and environmental challenges. Our vision is to realise a sustainable and just future for humanity and for the planet.

The EGU Outreach Committee is soliciting the development and delivery of a workshop series on mentoring within the geosciences, to help further their aims of promoting effective communication between scientists as well as with non-scientists and the wider public. The overall aims for this workshop series should be:

  • To inform EGU members of the benefits of being either a mentor or mentee
  • What to expect from a good mentoring relationship
  • To equip EGU members with the skills to undertake useful mentoring relationships, either as a mentor or mentee

We aim for one online workshop series to be delivered in 2023, in English. The online workshop series should consist of elements for both prospective (or current) mentors and mentees, though these do not have to occur within the same sessions. Participants, be they mentors or mentees, should receive at least two sessions. Sessions should be suitable for accommodating 30-40 mentees and 20 mentors, both of whom would have applied and made a commitment to attending. It is expected that any proposed online workshop would:

  • Be suitable for active geoscience researchers
  • Have well-defined learning objectives tied to the overall aims
  • Be interactive, containing worked activities that would receive some individual- or group-level feedback throughout the programme
  • Include an evaluation plan for demonstrating the efficacy of the workshop, which would be written up into a final report upon delivery

Application Requirements
Applicants will be required to demonstrate:

  • Awareness of current trends in scientific mentoring
  • Experience training (particularly early career) scientists in an area relevant to the proposed workshop
  • At least 2 years of experience in running online workshops
  • Experience working with or in the areas of space, planetary, or geosciences
  • Expert command of English
  • Ability to liaise throughout development with clients
  • Ability to work in a flexible, imaginative, and responsive way
  • Ability to work to a high standard, particularly in relation to attention to detail, drafting, project management, communication, and consultation

Application materials
Proposals should be submitted as a single file to by the end of Monday 6 February 2023. This should include:

  • 2 page CV outlining how the applicant or team meets the requirements
  • 2 page outline of the proposed workshop series and budget, indicating how the proposal aligns with EGU’s aims

Please include links to previous relevant work where appropriate. Budgets of up to €5,000 total will be considered (inclusive of VAT). For any additional information please contact Martin Archer, Chair of the EGU Outreach Committee, via We reserve the right to keep your details on file when considering future online workshops unless you inform us otherwise.


Martin Archer
Chair of EGU Outreach Committee

Gillian D’Souza
EGU Media and Communications Officer


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