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EGU mentoring workshops – apply now!

16 August 2023

Are you an EGU member who participated in the General Assembly Mentoring Programme? Are you looking for a way to gain confidence and increase your skills in mentorship? Why don’t you and your mentoring partner join the EGU Outreach Committee’s Mentoring Workshops!

Regardless of where you are in your geoscience career our EGU mentoring workshops can offer you a wide array of useful information and benefits. This free, live and online workshop series will be delivered by trained specialists who will help you develop skills including, but not limited to: effective mentoring and communication techniques; active listening; goal setting; and self-awareness. Sessions will also address common mentor and mentee challenges, including self-care.

Each workshop will include a combination of presentations, group discussions, interactive activities and case studies. Places are limited to 40 people, and will be selected by the EGU Outreach Committee based on the statement you write on why you would like to participate, and in order to reflect a diverse group of researchers.

Due to the restricted number of participants, attendance is for EGU members only, and only open to EGU23 Mentor-Mentee pairs. We, therefore, ask EGU23 Mentor-Mentee pairs to get in touch before submitting their applications and agree to their participation as a pair in these workshops.

The workshop series consists of three online sessions in September-October 2023. Applicants are encouraged to select as many sessions as possible to increase their chances of gaining a place.

Workshop schedule:

  • 28 September 2023: 12:00 to 15:00 CET Session 1 – for mentors and mentees
  • 12 October 2023: 12:00 to 15:00 CET Session 2 – for mentees
  • 19 October 2023: 12:00 to 15:00 CET Session 3 – for mentors

Places for this FREE workshop series are limited so if you wish to participate please complete this application form by 1 September 2023. Only EGU Members who have been a mentor or mentee at the General Assembly can apply to participate in this workshop and attendees will be shortlisted by the EGU Outreach Committee, selected by their answers on the form and successful applicants will be emailed with further information after the deadline has passed.

If you have any questions, please email Solmaz Mohadjer in the EGU Outreach Committee.


Martin Archer and Solmaz Mohadjer
EGU Outreach Committee

Gillian D’Souza
EGU Media and Communications Officer


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