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GeoQ #11

The history of the Earth is rich with examples of local events with global impacts. Recent research has confirmed that the impact of a large asteroid or comet in the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico 66 million years ago, wiped out dinosaurs off the surface of our planet since it hit around a time sea level rise and active volcanism had made these animals more susceptible to extinction. More recently, some 74,000 years ago, the Toba super-eruption in the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, resulted in a noticeable decrease – even if short-lived – in global average temperatures.

Given the importance of local events with global consequences in the geosciences, we are dedicating the September 2014 issue of the quarterly newsletter of the European Geosciences Union (now published online) to this theme.

You can download the full newsletter as a single (interactive) PDF, or follow the Table of Contents links below for the PDFs of each individual section.

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