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Withered beauty of Badeb-e Surt (Credit: Maria Tsekhmistrenko, distributed via

Outreach GeoQ #12

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GeoQ #12

October saw the first meeting of the Anthropocene Working Group, the International Commission on Stratigraphy body in charge of examining whether humans have impacted the Earth significantly enough to merit defining a new geological epoch, an era of humanity’s own making. In this issue of GeoQ, dedicated to The Anthropocene, the Anthropocene Working Group writes a report on the outcome of that meeting, including future steps being taken to formalise the Anthropocene epoch (see External News). This issue also features articles on interesting research related to the different ways in which humans are affecting the Earth’s systems, as well as a contribution from the EGU President about new thinking, data and models for doing geosciences in the Anthropocene (EGU Voice).

Please note that this is the last issue of GeoQ, as we are changing the quarterly PDF newsletter format from January onwards. To inform our members about EGU activities on a more regular basis, we are introducing a shorter email newsletter, which we will send out every month from 2015 onwards.

You can download the full newsletter as a single (interactive) PDF, or follow the Table of Contents links below for the PDFs of each individual section.

Table of Contents