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Diversity and equality

The EGU recognises the value of diversity in particular in terms of geographical, gender, scientific disciplines and age balance. Since its creation, the Union has had a genuine and continuous interest in ensuring fair treatment within its community. Currently, there is increasing collaboration with sister organisations (i.e. AGU and GSA) on diversity and equality issues, which sets the need for the creation of a dedicated group at EGU to adequately respond and establish mutually relevant collaborations.

In Autumn 2018, the EGU Council established the creation of the EGU Working Group on Diversity and Equality, with the aim to promote and support diversity and equality of opportunities in the Earth, planetary and space sciences, with particular focus on EGU activities. The group operates with a tight connection with the EGU Outreach Committee and Council.

The tasks of the Working Group are:

The working group is composed of a chair (with a three-year term renewable once) and members, including representatives from sister associations.

Claudia Alves de Jesus Rydin
European Research Council (ERC)
Alberto Montanari
University of Bologna
Daniel Conley
Lund University
Holly J. Stein
University of Oslo
Liviu Matenco
Utrecht University
Marie Bocher
ETH Zurich

Stay tuned, as this page will be updated closer to the EGU General Assembly listing sessions and short courses dedicated to diversity and equality. Anyone interested in getting involved with the Working Group is encouraged to attend and actively take part in the discussions.


If you require more information on the EGU Working Group on Diversity and Equality please contact:

Claudia Alves de Jesus Rydin

Claudia Alves de Jesus Rydin

Diversity and Equality Working Group Chair