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King Felipe VI of Spain at the EP (Credit: European Union 2015 - European Parliament, distributed by Flickr)

Policy EGU’s Policy Priority Area 2022-2024: Biodiversity

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EGU’s Policy Priority Area 2022-2024: Biodiversity

Biodiversity is an essential component of many aspects of life on Earth, including human society, and even the world’s GDP. It is not only vital for natural areas such as forests and wetlands but also crucial for maintaining healthy freshwater ecosystems, soil systems, and oceans. Furthermore, it is a policy priority area for the European Union with the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 launched in 2020 with some very ambitious targets.

New and updated legislations such as those related to biodiversity, should be underpinned and supported by science to ensure that the processes that they use are as effective and successful as possible. As Europe’s largest geoscience society, the EGU is uniquely positioned to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from research into practice and to connect policymakers to the most relevant geoscience experts. In October 2021, the EGU Council approved biodiversity as the EGU’s 2022-2024 Policy Priority Area to support the translation and dissemination of relevant scientific information to where it is most needed. All of EGU’s biodiversity-related activities during this time will be co-ordinated by the EGU’s Biodiversity Task Force, a group of eight experts from different EGU divisions who have a diverse range of scientific knowledge and communication skills.

EGU Biodiversity Task Force members

EGU Biodiversity Task Force Activities