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King Felipe VI of Spain at the EP (Credit: European Union 2015 - European Parliament, distributed by Flickr)

Policy The European Union and the significance of policy

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The European Union and the significance of policy

The EU is made up of 27 countries (member states) and structured into seven different institutions, some of which are quite cryptically named:

The diagram below gives a good overview of how people are assigned or elected to work in the individual institutions.

Political System of the European Union
Political system of the European Union by 111Alleskönner, sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Integrating science into the policymaking process

As shown in the EGU’s Policy Cycle, science can be used during every phase in the policymaking process and at every governance level. However, understanding how and when to engage with policymaking can be a challenge! The EGU has several resources and initiatives to support our members connect with policymaking institutions and individuals that are relevant to their research.