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Webinar Engaging with Geoscience Education 17 August 2020, 16:00

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Engaging with Geoscience Education

EGU sponsors a number of initiatives that support teachers and scientists with educational roles. Overseen by the EGU’s Education Committee, these initiatives aim to provide first-hand geoscientific information to science teachers in primary and secondary schools as well as offer support for those involved in higher education, including PhD students, postgraduates and permanent academic and teaching-support staff.

This webinar will highlight a number of these education initiatives and outline how EGU members and teachers can engage with them. There will also be time toward the end of the webinar for participants to ask questions. This webinar will be of interest to those who teach geoscience-relevant topics as well as geoscientists who engage with students from primary through university levels.

- Chris King: EGU Education Committee Chair and Emeritus Professor of Earth Science Education, Keele University
- Gordon Curry: Emeritus Professor of Geoscience, University of Glasgow
- Gina Correia: Biology and Geology Secondary Teacher, Geoscience Education Field Officer – Portugal

You can view the webinar here (YouTube).

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