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Webinar Making geoscience societies more inclusive 17 September 2020, 17:00

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Making geoscience societies more inclusive

Science thrives on having the broadest possible exchange of ideas and experiences. EGU supports researchers from all backgrounds to participate in our activities, regardless of gender identity, race, religious beliefs, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation or other minority identity. EGU also promotes the inclusion of under-represented groups in all our events (such as the annual General Assembly) and committees, and as recipients of our medals and awards.

However, despite our ambitions, many groups remain under-represented in EGU at all levels. This is not an issue unique to geoscience societies. Discrimination is often observed in academia and science research more broadly, where people are just as susceptible to enforcing discriminatory practices, such as structural racism, sexism and homophobia, as in any other part of society.

This webinar will explore some of the many ways that geoscience societies and their members can be actively non-discriminatory. What can we do to identify and combat structural discrimination both in our work environments and personal lives, particularly when engaging with society activities?

Speakers (in alphabetical order):

Dr Hendratta Ali, Associate professor of Geosciences at Fort Hayes State University,
Dr Akua Asa-Awuku, Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Maryland
Dr Marlene Kretschmer, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Reading and Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research,
Dr Mike Prior-Jones, Research Associate in Glaciology and Communications Engineering, University of Cardiff

This webinar is being organised by the EGU Atmospheric Science Division and its Early Career Scientists representative team.

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