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Campfire GI Campfire - Instrument Technology and its Applications in Geosciences. 5 December 2023, 17:00

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European Geosciences Union

GI Campfire - Instrument Technology and its Applications in Geosciences.

We welcome you this December 5th from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm (CET) on Zoom to hear from our experts. See below for more details.

Title: Novel use of instrumentation systems for fog detection (5:05 pm to 5:20 pm)
Speaker: Caleb Miller (he/him)
Caleb Miller is a PhD student in meteorology at the University of Reading. He researches the interactions between fog and atmospheric electricity, with an interest in using instrumentation to understand how cloud microphysics affects the electrical properties of the atmosphere. He completed his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at Taylor University and is skilled in digital and analogue electronic circuit design, embedded system design, and scientific analysis with Python. He is currently involved in the remote sensing and atmospheric electricity research groups at the University of Reading.

Title: Using sensor networks for Glaciology (5:25 pm to 5:40 pm)
Speaker: Kirk Martinez (he/him)
Kirk Martinez is a professor in Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, UK. He has worked on using sensor network technologies for glaciology since 2003, including subglacial sensors and recently GNSS systems to track ice movement in Iceland. He is an executive member of AGU ESSI and has been an EOS scientific advisor.

Title: The use of a drone-borne magnetic system as a new remote sensing strategy for geophysical investigations (5:45 pm to 6:00 pm)
Speaker: Filippo Accomando (he/him)
Filippo Accomando is currently involved in a PhD project concerning the setup of a new UAV magnetometer system. He received the BSc and MSc in Geology and Applied Geology from the University of Naples Federico II (DiSTAR). His research interests include the characterisation and compensation of the fields induced by the mobile platform, the development of software for the management of the data flow and the application of the new magnetometric system in different study areas of geological, archaeological and engineering interest. He is part of the SEG European Regional Advisory Committee.

Title: Pressure drop as a forecasting tool of eruption duration (6: 05 pm to 6:20 pm)
Speaker: Maria Charco (she/her)
María Charco is a Tenured Scientist at the Spanish National Research Council (Geosciences Institute, IGEO, CSIC-UCM). Her research involves the development of numerical models in the field of Volcano Geodesy. She is mainly focused on a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms that promote Earth’s surface deformation around volcanic areas through the integration of large quantities of remote sensing data and gravity data. She is strongly motivated to further develop new and innovative models, being physically consistent as well as geological and geophysically meaningful for a comprehensive understanding of the physics of magma responsible for mass and volume changes in the medium.

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