Campfire GMPV Division Campfire: GMPV ECS online talks 20 January 2021, 11:00

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GMPV Division Campfire: GMPV ECS online talks

The 7th edition of the Geochemistry, Minerology, Petrology and Volcanology division’s early career scientists talks will be on Wednesday 20 January 11am CET.

This is our first special edition of 2021, with a focus on volcanic plumes, and their ash and gas emissions! We’ll have three speakers to allow for more discussion time.

Our speakers are:

Thomas Aubry (Postdoc @ University of Cambridge) – Climate model simulations suggest that climate change will strongly modulate the stratospheric volcanic sulfate aerosol life cycle and radiative forcing

Ines Tomasek (Postdoc @ Vrije Universiteit Brussel) – Deleterious organic species on volcanic ash: a pilot screening study using the CALUX bioassay

Ben Esse (PhD candidate @ The University of Manchester) – Measuring Volcanic Gas Emissions from Soufiere Hills, Montserrat, with a Rapberry Pi

Looking forward to seeing lots of you there!

We’re looking for new speakers! No matter what career stage you are at, we want to hear about your science. You can sign up to give a live GMPV ECS talk in one of our future events using this google form:

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