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Webinar What’s on at vEGU21: from science-art to policy and beyond! 8 April 2021 13:00

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What’s on at vEGU21: from science-art to policy and beyond!

This year’s virtual General Assembly is bursting at the brim with Short Courses, vPICO sessions, Union Symposia, and Great Debates. But that’s not all that’s on offer! True to previous physical meetings, this year’s assembly will provide many opportunities for attendees to explore the interface between science and other practices. Join us as we explore how you can share your scientific expertise with decision-makers and get involved in the policymaking process; see how researchers and artists can collaborate across media to better communicate scientific research, and discover what opportunities and support are on offer for Early Career Scientists (ECS). The webinar will feature three panellists who will each give a short presentation followed by questions from the audience.

Chloe Hill – EGU Policy Officer, convener of multiple Union Symposia, Short Courses, and networking sessions.
Kelly Stanford – Artist (not!) in Residence, Art and Science EOS session convener
Jenny Turton – Incoming Deputy Union-wide ECS Representative (2021)

This webinar will last approximately 45 minutes, including 15 minutes for questions from participants and will start at 13.00CEST on Thursday 8 April.

Please register for the webinar here.

If you’re interested in how best to engage with an online conference and learn how the EGU has approached vEGU21 then check out our previous webinar How to get the most of online conferences on the EGU Youtube channel.

You can view the webinar here (Youtube).

If you have any questions about the ‘What’s on at vEGU21: from science-art to policy and beyond!’ webinar, please contact us via