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Webinar The IPCC at COP26 with Sarah Connors 27 October 2021, 13:00

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The IPCC at COP26 with Sarah Connors

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) released its sixth assessment report detailing the most up-to-date scientific understanding of climate change and its impacts. The report brought stark warnings of faster warming and intensified weather extremes just months ahead of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (aka. COP26), taking place this November. The science of climate change will hold an important presence amongst national leaders and policymakers, but just how much of the IPCC’s report will impact the discussion at COP26? In this webinar, EGU will be talking interview-style with Dr. Sarah Connors, Head of Science Team for the IPCC’s Working Group 1 Technical Support Unit. We’ll be asking why is the IPCC’s technical report important for COP26? How do policymakers engage with the science? And how can researchers engage with both the IPCC and the science-policy interface? This webinar will conclude with an audience Q&A, so come with questions!

Sarah Connors has been at the WGI TSU since January 2017, first as a Science Officer, then a Senior Science Officer, and is now Head of the Science Team. She is responsible for the delivery and coordination of science-related activities of the TSU throughout the preparation, review and completion phases of the WGI report, together with the TSU Head, Anna Pirani. Sarah’s responsibilities include the line-management of the Paris Science Team, as well as the coordination of work done in collaboration with the TSU members based at the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences in Beijing, China. Sarah supports the work of the AR6 authors, working closely with the WGI Bureau, as well as the WGI Co-Chairs. As well as the WGI contribution to the AR6, Sarah has worked on the Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C and the Special Report on Climate Change and Land. Her main activities included the coordination of the SR1.5°C Frequently Asked Questions and the Chapter Scientists, and providing general scientific support to both Special Reports.

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