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Webinar Remote Sensing Applications 20 October 2022, 11:00

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Remote Sensing Applications

The EGU Division on Geosciences Instrumentation and Data presents a two-part discussion how scientists can best use remote sensing. The webinar will feature two remote sensing specialists: Dr Will Maslanka, who will speak on discerning changes in soil mositure for flood management applications, and Dr Betsabe De la Barreda-Bautista, who will discuss using remote sensing to identify the relationship between permafrost thaw and subsidence.


Dr Will Maslanka

Title: Relative Surface Soil Moisture across the Thames Valley from Sentinel-1, from Satellite data to verification

Summary: Starting from extraction of Sentinel-1 data, this presentation will cover the steps taken to calculate and verify relative surface soil moisture across the Thames Valley for Natural Flood Management research.

Dr Betsabe De la Barreda-Bautista

Title: Mapping permafrost thaw in Abisko, Sweden with EO data

Summary: The presentation focuses on how to determine subsidence rates linked to permafrost thaw in sub-Arctic peatlands in Sweden using EO data.

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