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Webinar What can EGU do for you? Funding, fellowships, and more! 7 September 2022, 12:30

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European Geosciences Union

What can EGU do for you? Funding, fellowships, and more!

The European Geoscience Union provides a multitude of programmes designed to help researchers throughout the year, with opportunities ranging from funding for your own workshops or mentoring early career scientists, to interning with Members of the European Parliament.

This webinar will feature three speakers from within the Union, each discussing how researchers can be supported in their short-term ambitions to their long-term career goals. The webinar covered will include support for a number of topics including outreach activities, science education, and policy, and cover a range of programmes including monetary support to working with the Union and its collaborators.


Martin Archer – Chair of EGU’s Outreach Committee. Martin Archer Stephen Hawking Fellow in Space Physics at Imperial College London. Martin has been a leader in developing award-winning innovative and impactful research-based outreach and public engagement activities for over a decade, sharing the excitement and importance of science in accessible ways to a variety of often underserved audiences.

Jean-Luc Berenguer – EGU Education Committee Chair, Science teacher – Education team member, Geoazur laboratory (Université Côte d’Azur, France). As a science teacher, I am interested in the link between science and society, and in the importance of disseminating scientific culture to the general public and more particularly to school children. I had, since 25 years, the opportunity to set up various educational projects whose objectives were to bring together the world of Research and Education around the geosciences as the French seismological education network or more recently INSIGHT space mission Education.

Chloe Hill – EGU Policy Manager, Chloe has been working as the EGU’s Policy Manager in Munich since May 2017. In this position, she undertakes activities to enhance the EGU’s connection with policymakers and organisations who work at the science-policy interface. She also provides EGU members with information and resources that enable them to be more actively engaged in European policy.

If you have any questions about the ‘What can EGU do for you? Funding, fellowships, and more!’ webinar, please contact us via