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Christiaan Huygens Medal 2009 Valery Korepanov

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Valery Korepanov

Valery Korepanov
Valery Korepanov

The 2009 Christiaan Huygens Medal is awarded to Valery Korepanov for his significant achievements in the development of sensors and instrumentation for electrical and magnetic instruments for investigations of the Earth and the solar system.

Dr. Korepanov, of Ukrainian nationality, was born on 1 July 1943. Since 1996 he is the Scientific Director of the Lviv Centre of the Institute of Space Research in Lviv, Ukraine. The first 30 years of his career he was active at the Institute of Physics and Mechanics, Lviv, Ukraine. His main speciality is methods and instrumentation for electrical and magnetic measurements both for Earth based observatories and for space based satellites and landers.

Dr. Korepanov has made important contributions to the exploration of our solar system and the interplanetary medium by developing sensors and instruments for a large number of Russian, Ukrainian and European spacecraft as well as for the International Space station. In addition he has developed instruments for magnetic and magneto telluric measurements on Antarctic, sea bottom and land based stations. His magnetic sensors are among the very best in the world.

Dr. Korepanov has authored/co-authored a large number of publications in the research fields Electromagnetic measurements and techniques, Sensor design and developments and General Instrumentation.