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EGU Award Ceremony (Credit: EGU/Foto Pfluegl)

Outstanding Student Poster and PICO (OSPP) Awards 2016 Matthias Ellmer

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Matthias Ellmer

Matthias Ellmer
Matthias Ellmer

G Geodesy

The 2016 Outstanding Student Poster and PICO (OSPP) Award is awarded to Matthias Ellmer for the poster/PICO entitled:

Numerically stable approach for high-precision orbit integration using Encke’s method and equinoctial elements (Ellmer, M.; Mayer-Gürr, T.)

Click here to download the poster/PICO file.

Matthias Ellmer is a third year PhD student at the Institute of Geodesy of the Technical University Graz (Austria). As part of the GRACE research team in the working group of theoretical geodesy and satellite geodesy, he investigates the challenges and opportunities in processing data from the upcoming GRACE Follow-On satellite gravimetry mission.

In the awarded poster, he presented a method that allows for very high-precision integration of dynamic orbits, which can be applied to both the current and future GRACE missions. These improved orbits will contribute towards increasing the precision of the gravity field solutions computed with them.