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EGU news EGU welcomes new Union President and Vice-President

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EGU welcomes new Union President and Vice-President

23 May 2024

EGU is pleased to welcome our new President of the Union, Peter van der Beek, who will serve as Union President until the end of his elected term in 2027. Peter brings a wealth of expertise to this role, having previously served as Division President of the EGU Geomorphology Division (2015-2019) and Programme Committee chair (2020-2022). Peter is affiliated with the University of Potsdam in Germany, where his research focuses on tectonic and climatic influences on topographic development and erosion in mountainous areas.

“Although I would have preferred to be starting my term as EGU President under different circumstances, I am looking forward to the ways in which I will be able to move the Union forward and serve all our members in the next few years,” he said. “The role of the President is a huge honour but also a big responsibility and I am looking forward to talking with many of you over the course of the next few years to find out how the Union can better serve your needs as researchers.”

Stepping into the role as Vice-President until the next EGU Presidential elections is Marian Holness, former Division President of the Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology and Volcanology Division (2019-2023), appointed by the EGU Council to support Peter van der Beek over the next two years. “Although this is only a temporary appointed position, I am very much looking forward to supporting Peter as he achieves his goals as President of EGU. I have worked closely with EGU now for several years and will put all my efforts into helping the organisation move forwards.” she said.

Per the provisions outlined in the EGU statutes, if the President leaves the office before the end of their term, the Vice-President shall replace them for the remaining term of office. The new President will then be joined by a Vice-President who has been nominated by the Union’s elected Council, who shall serve in a support capacity until the next Presidential Election, but will not automatically become President at the end of their term as an elected Vice-President would.


Hazel Gibson
EGU Head of Communications
Munich, Germany


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