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EGU news Statement by the EGU Council concerning the dismissal of the former President

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Statement by the EGU Council concerning the dismissal of the former President

1 July 2024

Following the EGU Council vote on the dismissal of Irina Artemieva as President of EGU on 21 May 2024, we have received several requests for more information. After careful consideration, and with a return to a more normal functioning, the EGU Council can now continue our practice of being as transparent as possible with our membership and provide the following clarification.

The underlying reason for the dismissal of Irina Artemieva as president of EGU with just cause and according to the EGU statutes, brought forward by the EGU Council as a governing body, was a demonstrated unwillingness or incapacity to work productively with the Executive and Council toward governing the Union; which led to the Executive becoming dysfunctional and Council meetings unproductive. Although this was disruptive to the Union and all our members, not least those key volunteers who are very involved with the running of the Union, this issue would not on its own have been sufficient for dismissal. Compounding this, the immediate causes for the dismissal were several serious breaches of confidentiality by the former President, as well as several inappropriate (threatening and/or defamatory) communications to other EGU volunteers and staff. Both of these behaviours constituted clear breaches of the EGU code of conduct.

As the elected representatives of the EGU membership, the Council felt that maintaining Irina Artemieva as President under these circumstances would be strongly detrimental to the Union. The resolution to dismiss the President was passed with a large majority. A summary of the minutes of the Council meeting can be found here.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the EGU Executive Secretary Philippe Courtial.


Philippe Courtial
EGU Executive Secretary
Munich, Germany

Hazel Gibson
EGU Head of Communications
Munich, Germany


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