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A few of last year's awardees with the EGU President and Vice-President at the EGU 2015 Awards Ceremony. (Credit: EGU/Foto Pfluegl)

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EGU announces 2016 awards and medals

26 October 2015

The EGU has named the 49 recipients of next year’s Union Medals and Awards, Division Medals, and Division Outstanding Young Scientists Awards. These individuals, from both European and non-European countries, are honoured for their important contributions to the Earth, planetary and space sciences. They will receive their prizes at the EGU 2016 General Assembly, which will take place in Vienna on 17–22 April. The EGU has also announced the winners of the Outstanding Student Poster (OSP) Awards corresponding to the 2015 General Assembly.

The following individuals will receive 2016 Union Medals and Awards:

Jean W. A. Poesen Alexander von Humboldt Medal
John P. Burrows Alfred Wegener Medal
Trond H. Torsvik Arthur Holmes Medal
Michel Mayor Jean Dominique Cassini Medal
Bert Wouters Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Young Scientists
Kaveh Madani Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Young Scientists
Christian Möstl Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Young Scientists
Grace E. Shephard Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Young Scientists

The following individuals will receive 2016 Division Medals:

Jason P. Morgan Augustus Love Medal
Roel Snieder Beno Gutenberg Medal
Karl U. Schreiber Christiaan Huygens Medal
Sushil Atreya David Bates Medal
John Huthnance Fridtjof Nansen Medal
Stephen A. Fuselier Hannes Alfvén Medal
Paul A. Mayewski Hans Oeschger Medal
Yoram Rubin Henry Darcy Medal
Helen Glaves Ian McHarg Medal
Lucas Lourens Jean Baptiste Lamarck Medal
Harry Vereecken John Dalton Medal
Jeffrey M. Forbes Julius Bartels Medal
Peter L. Read Lewis Fry Richardson Medal
Thierry Fichefet Louis Agassiz Medal
Philip Meredith Louis Néel Medal
James C. Zachos Milutin Milankovic Medal
Agris Gailitis Petrus Peregrinus Medal
Heike Knicker Philippe Duchaufour Medal
Benjamin P. Horton Plinius Medal
Niels Hovius Ralph Alger Bagnold Medal
Tetsuo Irifune Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal
Irasema Alcántara-Ayala Sergey Soloviev Medal
Renée Heilbronner Stephan Mueller Medal
Srinivas Bettadpur Vening Meinesz Medal
Maria Kanakidou Vilhelm Bjerknes Medal
Carlos M. Duarte Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky Medal

The following individuals will receive 2016 Division Outstanding Young Scientist Awards:

Joseph A. Sedlar Atmospheric Sciences (AS) Division
Federico Baltar Biogeosciences (BG) Division
Malte F. Stuecker Climate: Past, Present & Future (CL) Division
Peter C. Lippert Earth Magnetism & Rock Physics (EMRP) Division
Ali Mohammadi Energy, Resources and the Environment (ERE) Division
Witold Rohm Geodesy (G) Division
Pierre Valla Geomorphology (GM) Division
Jackie E. Kendrick Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology (GMPV) Division
Animesh Kumar Gain Natural Hazards (NH) Division
Erik van Sebille Ocean Sciences (OS) Division
Shiyong Huang Planetary and Solar System Sciences (PS) Division
Joseph Doetsch Seismology (SM) Division
David De Vleeschouwer Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Palaeontology (SSP) Division
Agata Novara Soil System Sciences (SSS) Division
Ake Fagereng Tectonics and Structural Geology (TS)

The EGU Awards Committee received 155 applications for the 2016 awards, with 16% of them nominating female scientists (16% of this year’s awardees are female). For more information about the awards above, including application and selection criteria and how to apply, please check the Awards & Medals page on this website.

In addition to the Union and Division Awards and Medals, the EGU also bestows a number of poster awards to students taking part in its annual General Assembly. These OSP Awards aim to further improve the overall quality of poster presentations and foster students’ excitement to present posters at a large scientific conference. The list of recipients of the 2015 OSP Awards is now available online. For more information about the OSP awards, including application criteria and how to apply in 2015, please check the OSP page.


Alberto Montanari
Chair of the EGU Awards Committee

Bárbara Ferreira
EGU Media and Communications Manager
Munich, Germany
Phone +49-89-2180-6703


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