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EGU Committee on Education seeking tertiary education specialists

13 August 2018

The Committee on Education, which coordinates the EGU activities related to secondary and tertiary education, is looking for new committee members that specialise in educational aspects of tertiary education in the geosciences.

One of the current committee’s main activities is the organisation of GIFT (Geosciences Information for Teachers) workshops, held annually during the EGU General Assembly. These established and successful workshops aim to spread first-hand scientific information to science teachers at primary (elementary) and secondary (high school) levels. In addition to the GIFT workshops held during the General Assembly annually in Vienna, the EGU organises education workshops elsewhere, usually in connection with international scientific conferences. Many of the EGU education activities are conducted in collaboration with the Outreach Committee. The EGU media and communications manager also works closely with the Committee on Education, especially through the coordination of Planet Press, geoscience press releases for children.

Further to the activities described above, the committee aims to promote and support tertiary education and to develop relevant programmes.

The Committee on Education is looking for a few member that specialise in educational aspects of tertiary education in the geosciences.

Successful candidates will preferably have:

  • a broad experience of Earth science tertiary education;
  • extended connections and close contacts on an international scale with research scientists in the geosciences field (both in the academic and industrial communities) linked to the activities of the Union (as exemplified by its different scientific divisions);
  • a track record of developing innovative geoscience education strategies;
  • experience of working in committees;
  • international networking experience in geosciences.

Candidates should send a one-page motivation letter to the Chair of the Committee on Education, Chris King ( and to the EGU Executive Secretary, Philippe Courtial ( by 15 September.

For further information about the positions, which are voluntary, please contact Chris King (