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Exploring Geoscience Across the Globe: Freely available, EGU-supported textbook out now!

21 March 2019

The International Geoscience Education Organisation (IGEO) has published a new geoscience textbook, which is freely available for download and distribution. The book, supported by the EGU and the International Union of Geological Sciences, was written by EGU Committee on Education Chair Chris King.

Exploring Geoscience Across the Globe is targeted at school students and their teachers. It is focused on the International Geoscience Syllabus, which “covers all that an able sixteen year old student should know and understand about Earth science on leaving school,” according to the IGEO book announcement.

The book is also a valuable source of information for writers of science and geography textbooks. It has been designed as a basic text that can be adapted or ‘regionalised’ to fit a specific country, region or city. Anyone can take the international version distributed by IGEO and replace some of the photographs with local images, some of the ‘geoscience interest boxes’ with local examples, and even translate the full textbook. Individuals or teams interested in undertaking this task should refer to the ‘Code of conduct for ‘Exploring Geoscience’ textbook regionalisers’.

EGU Executive Secretary, Philippe Courtial says: “This is an excellent tool to promote geosciences!” We encourage the EGU community to publicise the publication of this textbook so that it can be used widely in schools and by those beginning their undergraduate studies in the geosciences.


Exploring Geoscience Across the Globe
Exploring Geoscience Across the Globe (PDF document, 38.0 MB)