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A field geologist's tools. (Credit: Rahul Dixit)

EGU news Funding now available to organise a Higher Education geoscience teaching workshop!

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Funding now available to organise a Higher Education geoscience teaching workshop!

17 March 2021

As part of the European Geosciences Union’s commitment to support the teaching of the geosciences at the university level, EGU is inviting applications for financial support to organise an EGU Higher Education Teaching Workshop between October 2021 and July 2022. This one-time workshop must address the teaching of a branch of geoscience at university level (e.g., Earth, planetary, or space science), must be applicable to a broad range of teaching subject areas, and include international participation. EGU welcomes applications that actively encourage the involvement or training of early career staff and/or that promote diversity or inclusion.

Applications (a maximum of 2 pages) must include details of the aims of the workshop; the names of the organisers; a programme outline; proposed dates, venue, and how participants will be invited or selected; the anticipated number of, and limit on, participants; anticipated registration costs/waivers (if any); and proposed method(s) of delivery (e.g., entirely in-person workshop, or entirely online virtual workshop, or a hybrid). Brief CVs (up to 2 pages each) for the lead organisers should be attached to the applications.

There is an expectation that a post-event, English-language online archive/report will be generated to ensure that the workshop presentations, activities, training, resources, activities, and/or recommendations are widely disseminated among the HE geoscience teaching community.

Funding of up to €5,000 is available, but it is essential that the application clearly specifies how any requested funding will be used (e.g., to support speakers or early-career participants, hire of venue, technological support, etc.). A workshop must be financially self-contained, with the organisers responsible for all planning, running, and expenditure; support from the EGU is strictly limited to the sum agreed in advance.

All applicants should read the additional guidance below before submitting their application. Complete applications should be sent to The deadline for submission is 2 August 2021, and the decision will be announced by 1 October 2021. The workshop must be completed by 31 July 2022, and a final report, including a statement of how EGU funding was spent, should be submitted within one month of its completion.

Additional guidance:

  • The workshop must have an international organising committee of appropriate experience and expertise that manages all aspects of the workshop’s planning, costing, expenditures, promotion, programming, and implementation.
  • The workshop must have a well-defined topic and a programme optimised to achieve the aims stated in the application.
  • The workshop needs to be clearly branded as an EGU event in all correspondence and publications.
  • The lead applicant must be an EGU member.
  • The workshop should not be held during an EGU General Assembly.
  • A post-workshop report, including a statement on use of EGU financial support, must be sent to the Education Committee within one month of the completion of the workshop.
  • An online archive/report should be generated that is freely available to the HE geoscience teaching community.
  • All proposals will be reviewed by the Education Committee based on the above criteria and the scientific merit, timeliness, relevance, and feasibility of the proposal workshop, and all decisions are final.