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vEGU21 — by the numbers

31 May 2021

The statistics from vEGU21 show the enthusiasm that EGU members, and many other people around the world, have to learn about the latest geoscience research results.

By the numbers, the two weeks of vEGU21 included:

• 642 scientific sessions
• 18,155 individuals registered from 136 countries, with 5,154 registration waivers granted
• 13,643 abstracts, 88% of which had uploaded display materials
• Approximately 13,000 users per day
• A median of 141 virtual attendees per vPICO session
• Live session pages accessed 200,091 times during the two weeks of the meeting
• 1,591 comments made on presentation materials through Friday 30 April
• 56 Short Courses
• 10 livestreamed Union Symposia and Great Debates and 32 Medal and Award lectures.
• 6 virtual press conferences
• 236 Union-organized and pop-up networking, townhall, splinter sessions and side events

Even though vEGU21 is over many of the materials from this year’s General Assembly are still available online. As with previous years, all display materials uploaded with open access permission will be available on EGUsphere.

Over the next few months we will also be uploading our Union Symposia, Great Debates and Union Medal Lectures onto EGU’s YouTube channel, so that people from around the world can access these keynote livestreamed events, for free at any time. The six Press Conference are already available for free viewing on the same channel.

Below is a list of all the livestreamed vEGU21 Great Debates and Union Symposia that you will see over the next few months, along with the detailed programme listing, as well as the current Press Conferences:

Great Debates
GDB1: Challenging discrimination in the geosciences: amplifying unheard voices | Details
GDB2: The role of scientific information in an emerging environmental crisis | Details
GDB3: Improving Research Software in the Geosciences | Details
GDB4: Slow science vs fast science | Details
GDB5: Bullying in Academia: towards creating a healthy and safe working environment | Details

Union Symposia
US1: Integrating geoscience into the European Green Deal | Details
US2: Post-Covid Geosciences | Details
US3: A Climate and Ecological Emergency: Can a pandemic help save us…? | Details
US4: Towards evolvable physics-based plants and landscape processes in terrestrial biosphere models | Details
US5: Faults, Rivers and Topography: in memory of Patience A. Cowie | Details

Press Conferences
PC1. Improving food security: new techniques | Details | Stream
PC2. Scientific sleuthing: geoforensics & fingerprinting | Details | Stream
PC3. New geoscience tools, novel applications | Details | Stream
PC4. From avalanches to aviation: the Sahara’s global impacts | Details | Stream
PC5. Recent wildfire research: understanding impacts, assessing risk, and reducing hazard | Details | Stream
PC6. Learning from the past: catastrophes, climate, and cultural change | Details | Stream

More information

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) is the leading organisation for Earth, planetary and space science research in Europe. With our partner organisations worldwide, we foster fundamental geoscience research, alongside applied research that addresses key societal and environmental challenges. Our vision is to realise a sustainable and just future for humanity and for the planet. We publish a number of diverse scientific journals, which use an innovative open access format, and organise topical meetings, and education and outreach activities. Follow the EGU on Twitter and Facebook.


Hazel Gibson
Head of Communications
European Geosciences Union
Munich, Germany
X @EuroGeosciences


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