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EGU news Call for applications: EGU Public Engagement Grants 2022!

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Call for applications: EGU Public Engagement Grants 2022!

16 March 2022

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) is opening applications for the seventh edition of its annual Public Engagement Grants scheme, which aims to celebrate and recognise excellent science communication in the Earth, planetary, and space sciences. The grants, an initiative of the EGU Outreach Committee, are awarded to EGU members interested in developing an outreach project to raise awareness of the geosciences outside the scientific community.

Three applicants who are judged to have proposed the most innovative and effective project will each be awarded a grant of €1500 to help further develop the idea and put it into practice. They will also receive one free registration per project to attend the EGU General Assembly 2023, where they will have the opportunity to present on their winning projects. The deadline for applications is 17 June 2022.

There are no restrictions on the format of the applicant’s project or proposed activity. If you have an idea for a comic, podcast, documentary, set of experiments, or some other form of effective science communication that you want to promote, then please fill in the online application form and let us know why your project deserves to be funded.

We particularly encourage applications for projects aimed at engaging with hard-to-reach audiences, i.e., people or communities who are not generally interested in science or who tend to ignore mainstream scientific expertise.

Applications for the EGU Public Engagement Grants are open from 16 March until 17 June 2022. All proposals will be evaluated during the summer, and the winners will be announced in early September. The grants are for a period of 12 months and will be awarded in full at the start of the grant period.

After six months the winners are expected to submit an interim report on their projects, which will be evaluated by the EGU Outreach Committee. At this stage, the winners can request further non-financial help from the EGU, such as assistance in liaising with scientists or in further advertising their products. Winners are also expected to submit a short, final report. including photographs documenting their project, at the end of the grant.

Once winners complete their projects, they are encouraged to present on their public-engagement work at the EGU General Assembly and/or at EGU public engagement events organised in parallel with the conference. They are also invited to write a blog about their project and, if desired, submit a paper about their work to the journal Geoscience Communication.

The EGU will not claim revenues from products resulting from the project, but should be given full access to these products for further dissemination via its communication channels. Further, the winners should make clear when using their products that they were supported through a Public Engagement Grant from the European Geosciences Union.

Please note that only active EGU members, who either have a regular, student, emeritus or complementary membership for 2022, or who are life or honorary members of the EGU, are eligible to apply for the grants. To become a member or renew your membership please check Additionally, please bear in mind that members of the EGU Outreach Committee (presently or applying in the future) are not eligible to apply.

To apply for a grant, please use the application form in you EGU member user area.

EDITORS NOTE: To show our support for Ukraine and in accordance with current European sanctions, EGU will not provide any payments to applicants from Russian or Belarusian institutions – as a result anyone from a Russian or Belarusian institution is not eligible to apply for this grant in 2022.


Mioara Mandea
Chair, EGU Outreach Committee

Hazel Gibson
EGU Head of Communications


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