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Water Event Feature 2015 (Credit: NASA)

Education EGU General Assembly 2008 GIFT Workshop Topic: The Carbon Cycle

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EGU General Assembly 2008 GIFT Workshop

The theme of the GIFT-2008 workshop for teachers is “The Carbon Cycle”, well in line with the recent report of the Intergovernamental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Various aspects of the cycle, such as production, diffusion in the atmosphere, the biosphere and the ocean will be examined, as well as ways of mitigation both on a global or an individual scale. The seminar will consist of seminal talks given by prominet scientists present at the General Assembly, communications and demonstrations by sciences educator, and teacher-to-teachers communications. Different discussions groups will also be formed among the teachers, under the guidance of selected moderators.

List of Solicited Speakers

Philippe Ciais (France), Christoph Heinze (Norway), Nick Riley (GB)Jelle Bijma (Germany) J.-P. Gattuso (France) Gerhard Bohrmanns (Germany),


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